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Episode 19: The Choice Podcast

"The Choice" ( is a six-episode audio drama, a feminist dystopian thriller set in the refugee camps of Los Angeles. Set in the year 2047, Dr. Margaret Carter is facing the death penalty. These are a series of recordings played as evidence in her trial.

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Episode 13: Larry Mizell Jr

“Whoever’s within earshot are my people - that’s my curatorial sense for a world of music and experience - I want everybody to understand. Music is universal and that’s what I’m dedicating my life to. Every culture has their own take on it. It’s infinite, you’ll never hear it all. It’s everywhere. It’s like church to me. I want everybody to come in.” -Larry Mizell, Jr.

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Episode 12: Ryan Davis and Brad Wilke

In this TAMP episode, Smarthouse co-founders Ryan Davis and Brad Wilke ( talk with Colin Walker and share helpful tips and tools to build your audience, boost your brand, and follow your passion.

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