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Does Your Film Need a Publicist?

Planning your film, no matter how thrifty you can be with sets and equipment, is a daunting enterprise. Including a little extra for a publicist before you even begin shooting can seem like a luxury. So why is it worth it? Well, why make a film if no one sees it? A publicist is your best advocate for outreach, press coverage, and generally putting a good face on your project.

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Bringing the PR love for our clients

The Seattle International Comedy Competition (and its sister event, The San Francisco Comedy Competition) is one of my favorite projects to work on. It’s a great showcase for emerging talents, delivers an evening of raucous entertainment to audiences, and is presented by one of the undersung OGs of comedy: Jon Fox.

That’s why it’s so great when we’re able to successfully convey all this to the media and get some awesome coverage. Here’s a round up of this year’s highlights:

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